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Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m completely out of control. I can’t stop eating and thinking about food!”
  • “I set high standards for myself, I dream of achieving great things, but sometimes I eat until it hurts to breathe. It’s then that I feel the most empty and alone.”
  • “Every day I wake up and promise myself today will be different, but it never is.”

I know exactly how you feel: alone. Like you have no willpower anymore. Like you feel powerless to stop eating compulsively. Like maybe you’ve gone crazy.

You feel like no one else could understand…



Hi, I’m Maria Marklove. With nearly a decade of strength training and nutrition experience, I’ll help you to stop binge eating for good, while developing the mental resilience you need to move forward in your life, and thrive.


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Recovery Warriors


I’ve been there. Like you, I set high standards for myself. Like you, I felt disgusted with myself because, night after night, I couldn’t seem to stop as I filled my stomach full of chocolate, cookies, brownies, peanut butter, cake. It went against everything I stood for. Everything I’d worked so hard for.

I’ve been on crazy diets, restricted my intake for years, and I also know what it’s like to be surrounded by food every day, and to feel powerless.

I went from a chronically depressed, anti-social, binge-eating geek, to a confident, strong badass, who is totally in control of the food I put into my body, and totally at ease in my own skin.

These days, I never diet. I use every setback to make myself stronger. I’m in control of my life, and I’m achieving more than I even used to be able to dream of:


You can do this.

Like me, and countless others I’ve helped, you absolutely can stop binge eating, and live the life you truly want.

Rather than trying to undo the past, realize there is No Ctrl Z. It’s time to own your story, learn from your setbacks, and use them to make you stronger than ever.



  • No longer being bombarded with thoughts of food from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.
  • Waking up without the regret, the stomach pains, and the disgust of a full-blown food hangover.
  • Taking back control so it’s always you, not the cookies, who decide.


What other people are saying…

Darya Rose


“I’ve already had a number of people tell me that this is their favorite episode everMaria is an incredibly strong women with an amazing story. She hit rock bottom, then climbed her way to the top” – Darya Rose, Summer Tomato



Maria understands exactly what it has been like for me all these years.” – Cheri, Idaho

Maria’s personal experiences make her an ideal listener and coach, and her ability to empathize while also kindly telling me to get out of my head was an invaluable step back toward a “neutral” and stable mindset.” – Katie, Fitness Business Owner

Maria creates a very safe space where I feel completely listened to, understood and unjudged… I feel like I am not alone and it is possible to stop!” – E.C, Solicitor, London


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