Mental Resilience


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The mental aspect of sport and athleticism, especially among amateurs, is often overlooked. Deep down you want to be a badass, but something is holding you back. Maybe:

  • you got yourself a gym membership, a training plan and nutritional advice, and yet you’re still not making as much progress as you want;
  • you get psyched out, you choke in competition;
  • you’ve been playing sport for what feels like forever, but you’re not even sure why you’re doing it anymore;
  • you can’t seem to concentrate;
  • you have developed a fear. For some reason, you can’t perform a certain skill;
  • you feel like giving up.

No matter what stage you’re at, Mental Resilience can help. This FREE 7-week course will help you:

  • become motivated again, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing;
  • develop focus so you can push that little bit further, consistently hit that extra rep;
  • help you get out of your slump and back on track;
  • overcome your sport-related fears;
  • become mentally strong at competition time.