Eat just enough

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Key points

  • The first indication that you’re approaching satiation is that the taste of food begins to diminish slightly. A naturally lean eater will use this as a cue to slow down and finish a meal when they are full.
  • A dieter may notice a reduction in the intensity of flavour, but instead of slowing down and then finishing their meal, they begin to chase the taste. They speed up, often moving onto different foods afterwards. However, the more they eat, the more they are pushing pleasure away. This is not the fault of the dieter: this is the natural response to deprivation.
  • The only way to re-experience the intensity of flavour again is to let your body get hungry again. It is hunger — not food — that creates the heightened sensations of taste and flavour.

Action steps

  • Use one of the techniques above to end your meal.
  • Put it in your calendar. Try one for each day, or each meal. There are plenty of opportunities to try it out throughout the day!


  • Techniques to end your meals easily

Did you manage to end a meal with ease? Let me know in the comments.