Goal setting

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Key points

  • Healthy habits are built up slowly, piece by piece. Only then can they be sustainable enough to last a lifetime.
  • Stick to the schedule, forget about the results.
  • Support your larger goals with a system of habits (process goals).
  • Process goals should be flexible and focus on positive behaviour.

Action steps

  • Create a small habit you are 90% sure you can accomplish this week.
  • Put it in your calendar and cross it off every day that you achieve it.
  • Once you have achieved this for a couple of weeks, you can think about adding another small habit.
  • If you fail to achieve your goal, it was the goal that was at fault (not you!). Be kind to yourself, then go back and create a smaller goal.

Downloadable lists

I promised myself I would use a training journal at each training session, and try to focus on how my body feels while I’m training. Which habit are you 90% sure you can do this week?