Because You’re Fed Up Of Being Told To Love Your Body

Jessi Kneeland is a coach, teacher, speaker and writer dedicated to helping break free from the fear, shame and armour that holds them back.

She has spoken at TEDx (twice), and has joined me today to talk about how all of this nonsense about loving your body relates to binge eating.

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[1:08] – “I’m fed up of being told to love my body.”

[5:30] – Can you even accept yourself when you want to make a change?

[10:04] — The Netflix and Chill problem: how to identify why you’re numbing (with food, or TV)

[11:38] — One of the best ways to free yourself from “feeling trapped”.

[15:48] — Jessi uses the “Bubble Technique” to deal with overwhelming feelings.

[16:53] — Because I look in the mirror and hate what I see.

[20:44] — Why the “drill sergeant mentality” isn’t keeping you in line.

[28:00] — How to get out of “the fear”.

[30:00] – “I don’t feel myself without makeup on”. “I can’t leave my house because I am so ashamed of my body”.

[32:00] — This just in: no one will notice if you cut all your hair off.

[34:48] — Why we don’t need the beliefs we feed to feel worthy, or “enough”.

[36:00] — How strangers always accept you, no matter what.

[37:53] — “Being lean is important to me… am I a bad person?”

[42:20] — How to compliment someone without becoming “part of the problem”.

[44:35] — “I want a six pack, even though I know the fitness industry lies to us.”

[46:00] — Getting out of the “I was doing so well but then I went to a wedding…” mindset

[49:15] — Your six-pack, your armour.

[51:10] — Jessi drops a truth bomb that leaves me speechless!

[54:04] — One exercise to switch your mindset about your most hated body part.


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