Why Idealizing The Body You Used To Have Could Be Preventing You From Moving Forwards

Jessi Kneeland is back this week to discuss your questions on binge eating, losing weight, and idealizing the body you used to have.

If you missed part 1 of this podcast, go check it out here.

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[0:27] — I can see why it’s easy to love and accept yourself if someone already loves you, but what if I’m trying to find my man/woman?

[6:19] — I still identify as the “big guy”/”big girl”

[10:01] — The Blind Man method to describe body parts in a neutral way

[15:00] — How the Tapping Technique can take you towards neutral

[16:25] — I feel self-conscious unless I wear baggy clothes. Other clothes show my shape too much.

[19: 08] — Using a “body-part inventory” to dig deeper

[21:47] — I idealize the body I used to have…

[27:15] — One action step you can take right now to move you away from binge eating and towards health and wellbeing.


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