You Are Enough

How much pressure are you putting on yourself? You tell yourself you have to work hard, you have to have an amazing body. You need to be that great employee, colleague, brother, sister, friend, lover.

But what if you are already enough?

What if this body, that is capable of love, kindness, warmth, compassion, what if that is enough to live a human life?

This isn’t about giving up on your hopes, dreams, and goals. It’s about accepting who you are (and who you are not), then finding the self-compassion to allow yourself to move forward.

What if you could re-frame your thoughts?

Instead of

“I will only be happy when I achieve ______

What if you told yourself

I am happy right now because I am moving towards ______“.


Maybe then, there would be space to breathe.

And with those breaths, maybe you could finally start living.


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